Tapalpa, Magical Town

The name says it all, Tapalpa comes from Nahuatl and means "land of colors " , you will love this magical town with its folklore and traditions; the warmth of its people , its spectacular views among many other virtues are what makes of this town a place that you can't miss .


This quiet little village located south of the state of Jalisco , just hours from Guadalajara could even be used as a synonym for amazing as it is the place to share with family and friends, and do  the endless possible activities in Tapalpa such as: horseback riding, hiking, skiing, rappelling , rock climbing, kite flying , paragliding , water skiing , fishing , swimming in open water , gotcha , ziplining or even for those more attached to traditions, Mexican charros .


Also its cultural richness is in its history and architecture, you can visit several relevant sites such as:


Paper Factory : Built in 1840 , the first paper factoryl in the west of the Republic. It closed in 1923 for reasons of the Revolution and the Porfiriato .


Temple of San Antonio : this parish dates back about 350 years ago. Legend has it that the patron of the parish didn´t let it get robbed and defended it shooting from the roof .


 Other important places to visit are:

Ex Hacienda de la Media

Ex Hospital de Indios

Fundidora de metal

Mercado Municipal

Andadores del pueblo

Las Pilas

Destiladora de Vino Barranca

Los Frailes

Las Piedrotas

Salto de Nogal

Presa del Nogal

Piedra Bola

San Francisquito 


The History:

Originally was part of an indigenous community domains of Tzaollan, Zaulán , Sayutlán or Sayula , ruled by King Cuantoma . In 1523 , a group of Spaniards led by Captain Alonso de Avalos Saavedra , El Viejo, came to the town Atlacco , beginning the colonization and catechizing the Indians between 1531 and 1532 .


 In 1825 the town hall was established and in 1869 the town of Tapalpa, which didn't become an official town until 1878.




Hike and enjoy the nature at Sierra de Tapalpa.

Try Tapalpa's local flavors including borrego al pastor (roasted seasoned lamb) and ponche de granada (pomegranate punch).

Bring home fruit preserves or flavored rompope (eggnog-like drink).

Get to know the town on foot and enjoy its attractions.




The Traditional Rodeo and Bullfighting Fiesta from January 15th to 20th.

The Tapalpa Open Air Celebration in May with sports and cultural events.

The Moon Festival in November including cultural activities.

New Year's on December 31st with bonfires in the streets.